definitely not emily

to pay tribute to
emily dickinson’s work
is out of my reach


instead i remain
yours truly, not-emily
the infant poet


holly, holy day

plastic in the hand
just because you can
spend it all
to give to those
who really aren’t
in need
frilly holidays,
such a grand parade
which matters not
and some have bought
the ticket to their greed
hectic time is here
craziness and blear
for they don’t know
that they’ve been told
some lies that make
good cheer
Jesus came to save
arriving as a babe
coming not
with frills and bows
and the pomp that he
please excuse this song
or don’t excuse this song
just don’t mind me
or the xmas tree
only think about
the Son

(sing to the melody of “Christmastime is Here”, if you wish)

dear so-and-so

hey you
the strange few
that struck the pew
as they sat
(tho the others said “scat!”)
and they glistened
as they listened
to the Holy Spirit

do you hear it?
it’s the sound
of the found
they were chased down
by the hound
and they sing
for the king
with the gleam
in his eye

face of tears

shattered mirror
shattered face
face off
face on
on to wear
on for a day
day for a night
day dawning
dawning bright
dawning early
early waking
early bird
bird in a nest
bird in the sky
sky blue
sky high
high bar
high note
note it prettily
note well
well they dug
well dug deep
deep deep deep
deep into your heart
heart is the center
heart rules the world
world gone awry
world not green
green as grey
green as black
black hole
black star
star in the east
star light
light up the night
light so white
white are the puffy clouds
white as snow
snow is coming
snow will melt
melt the ice off your bones
melt into a puddle
puddle hopping
puddle splash
splash the tea
splash the tears
tears of release
tears of joy


step, glide;
move together, twirl.
lose count, misstep,
come back together,
dance forever.


circle ‘round,
circle ‘round.
toss and tumble,
wring and wring;
‘til you are gone,
and you become
something un-you.

recycle repeat
repeat recycle


like rags.
sad and grey.
worn with washing,
torn with tossing.
holey, faded;
beat and shredded.
used, abused;
sad and grey.

like the lack

of color,

in your